Rostellan farm


Our 3rd generation dairy farm situated in the beautiful scenic harbour village of Rostellan in East Cork, has been providing fresh milk to the local community since 1927.

Today, our freshly farmed milk is sold through our Vending Machines and our Farm Shop offers a range of sustainably sourced food from neighbouring farms, regional producers and artisans.






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Milk Vend

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Wheelchair accessible Toilets

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What is pasteurised milk?

Pasteurisation is a heat process that raw milk is put through in order to kill any potentially harmful bacteria. The milk is non- homogenized which means it retains its natural properties including the layer of cream on top.

How does Milk Vending Machines work?

Place a clean bottle into the vending machine. Select the quantity of milk you want. Tap the contactless terminal and follow instructions. Your Milk will dispense from the nozzle, hold bottle underneath to ensure it is lined up correctly as it fills. Once complete, Close the door on the vending machine to enable steamer to sterilize the compartment ready for the next customer.

Can I bring my glass bottles back to be refilled?

Yes. Re-using glass bottles for your milk is environmentally friendly that helps reduce plastic waste. Just make sure your bottle has been cleaned before refilling it from our milk vending machine.

Are there different flavoured milk options from the Milk Vending Machine?

Yes! We have a broad range of flavours including chocolate, strawberry, caramel we also have seasonal flavours and a weekly ‘surprise flavour’.  Sugar free options also available.


“Our ethos is simple! We stock and celebrate the best of local Irish produce in our farm shop from neighbouring farms, artisans and regional producers. Whilst also championing small batch, handmade, traditionally crafted, products that use simple natural non artificial ingredients and materials. We do this by offering both visitors and customers a holistic range of wholesome, fresh, sustainable foods with a ‘No Plastic – Minimal Packaging policy’, whilst working with suppliers that share the same ethos and values. We showcase the very best of what Cork has to offer in by way of a unique family friendly farm-to-table shopping experience on our farm in Rostellan, Co. Cork.”